Gutter Replacement Geelong

    Gutter Replacement in Geelong

    At Home Roof Treatment & Restoration, we understand the importance of having a high-quality guttering system on the rooftop of your home. That’s why we offer trusted gutter replacement in Geelong, with a steadfast gutter replacement & repair service that Geelong homeowners can rely on.

    Our team of qualified guttering experts can completely remove the old or damaged guttering system your home currently has and replace it with a brand new system that can handle large quantities of water while requiring less maintenance work. By using our gutter replacement & repair service, Geelong homeowners can prevent their house from incurring major flood damage.

    Our gutter replacement service team can help you choose a new guttering system that will suit your home both in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal. We offer our clients a huge selection of gutter systems in different styles that will not only complement the appearance of your property, but will also provide a highly effective way to collect and channel the excess water from your rooftop. Whether you want a traditional or modern looking gutter system, we can install one that’s perfect for your house.

    What’s Included in OurGutter Replacement Service?

    Step 1: Remove the Old Gutters

    Naturally, we cannot carry out our guttering replacement services until the original guttering has been removed. Our guttering technicians know how to correctly and safely take off any type of guttering from a building’s eaves and fascia.

    Step 2: Look for Any Damage

    Once the old gutters have been removed, our technician will inspect the eaves and fascia to see if there’s any damage located behind where the old gutters used to be. If it’s determined that the boards have rotted and the fascia is no longer usable, they’ll need to be replaced prior to installing a new guttering system.

    Step 3: Measurement & Preparation Work

    After our guttering technicians replace any old boards and fascia, they’ll take measurements of your household. Since the old gutters won’t be there, our technicians will be able to easily and accurately measure the building to determine where the new gutters should go, how far the gutters have to run, the best place to install a downspout, and the right angles for gutter corners.

    Step 4: Install the New Gutters

    Once all the guttering materials have been sourced and prepared, they can be installed onto the rooftop. This step should only take a day or two, although this will depend on the size and height of your household. We’ll use purpose-made screws to affix the new gutters to the fascia boards.

    Step 5: Install Downspouts & Downspout Elbows

    Downspouts and elbows are designed to direct water and carry it down and away from your household so it can’t cause any water damage to the foundation. It doesn’t take long for us to install these onto your gutters.

    Why Choose Us?


    The gutter replacement & repair service that Home Roof Treatment & Restoration provides is carried out by our team of licensed and experienced roof plumbers and installers. We can fix any issues we find prior to installing a brand new guttering system.

    Hard Working

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration is known for providing the best gutter replacement in Geelong, offering premium guttering replacement services with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our staff are trained to use state-of-the-art roof plumbing equipment and have the skills to complete every gutter installation job on time.


    Our work is designed to last for the long term. All of our guttering replacement services are fully guaranteed and comply with the standards of the Plumbing Code of Australia.

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