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    Roof Painting in Geelong

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration offers premium home roof painting services along with the lowest roof painting cost Geelong wide. Every roof painting specialist our roof painting company in Geelong employs is trained to provide outstanding home roof painting services, ensuring that your roof will look great again and the tiling or metal sheets will be protected against damage.

    At Home Roof Treatment & Restoration, we use the highest quality paint products on the market that are Australian made. These products are made to be able to withstand the notoriously harsh Australian climate and have been created using high-quality acrylic technology that provides excellent adhesion, high UV resistance, and rapid cure. The paints we use provide long-lasting protection, are fade resistant, and dry quickly. They’re available in a huge range of colours and have been specially manufactured for use on rooftops.

    What’s Included in Our Roof Painting Service?

    Step 1: Repair Damaged Fixtures

    Prior to commencing our home roof painting services, our roof painting specialist will carry out any required repairs to your rooftop. This is necessary to make sure that your rooftop is watertight and will keep the paint in position.

    Step 2: High Pressure Cleaning

    Our experienced roof painting specialist will clean your entire rooftop using high-pressure water blasters. This needs to be done to get rid of any mould, dirt and other kinds of debris that could detract from the consistency of the finished paint job.

    Step 3: Applying the First Coat of Paint

    Applying the first coat of paint to your rooftop involves putting an acrylic primer coat onto your rooftop. This is specially designed to promote deep penetration, ensuring topcoat adhesion. After this, a sealer product will be applied onto your rooftop surface that will fill in any patchy areas and restore the profile of the tiles back to their original state.

    Step 4: Applying the Second Coat of Paint

    We apply both an all-acrylic topcoat and a sealer product together. This is done to ensure that the paint offers maximum strength and durability to ensure it’ll last for the long term.

    Why Choose Us?


    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration has a reputation for being a leading provider of roof painting in Geelong. Every roof painting specialist in our organisation is qualified and licensed and has the necessary experience to carry out all kinds of home roof painting services.

    Hard Working

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration is a trusted roof painting company in Geelong that considers customers satisfaction to be the biggest priority. We go to great lengths to go above and beyond to fulfil all your painting requirements.


    Every roof painting specialist we employ can provide you with a certificate of compliance that demonstrates that the painting work they did on your roof complies with all relevant Australian safety standards and industry regulations. Our work also comes with a 10 year warranty.

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