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    Home Roof Replacement Services in Geelong

    If your rooftop has experienced a lot of wear and tear over the years or your ceiling is leaking, it might be time to replace your old roof with a brand new one. If you’re looking for a roof replacement company you can count on to do exactly that, get in touch with Home Roof Treatment & Restoration. We offer trusted home roof replacement services in Geelong that your household can greatly benefit from.

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration has a team of experienced new roof replacement specialists Geelonghomeowners can count on to install a new rooftop and transform the overall look of their home. We have the skills needed to carry out home roof replacement services on any kind of rooftop, using only the strongest materials on the market to ensure that your rooftop will last for a lifetime.

    What’s Included in a New Roof Replacement?

    Step 1: Removal of Old Materials

    Our new roof replacement specialists in Geelong will remove all the old materials that were on your rooftop, such as old tiles, old roof battens and rusted roof sheets. We’ll put it all into a skip bin that we’ll take away with us once the project is complete.

    Step 2: Install New Battens

    Our roof replacement specialists in Geelong will replace all the old timber battens on your rooftop with brand new steel battens. Steel battens are lightweight yet durable and will never rot, warp or bend.

    Step 3: Install Insulation

    An important step of our home roof replacement services is installing insulation batts that will keep your home warm during winter. We’ll remove all your old insulation batts and replace it with new batts that will be placed underneath your roof sheets.

    Step 4: Install Roof Sheets

    After the roof structure has been prepared, we’ll install high-quality roof sheets. The thickness level of the roof sheets will depend on the pitch of your roof and any other requirements that we need to take into account.

    Step 5: Install Flashings

    Our team will flash every section of the roof that requires it. We’ll order in custom sized flashings that fit your rooftop perfectly and ensure that there are no weak points on your rooftop where leaks can occur.

    Why Choose Us?


    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration takes great pride in our ability to offer both the highest quality workmanship and the lowest residential roof replacement cost possible. We can meet all your new roof replacement needs.

    Hard Working

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration is known as a leading new roof replacement company in the industry due to our efficiency, our ability to follow proper installation methods, and our reputation for completing every project on time. In addition to this, we strive to offer the best home roof replacement cost possible for our clients to save them money where possible.


    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration’s team of experienced roof replacement specialists in Geelong are qualified to carry out all types of new roof replacement work. Our work is fully licensed and complies with Australian building standards.

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