Roof Restoration Services

    Roof Restoration Services in Geelong

    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration can handle all your roof restoration requirements for all kinds of rooftops. Our local roof restoration company has many years of experience providing first-rate roof restoration services in Geelong to restore any rooftop, giving our clients complete peace of mind.

    Our team has completed hundreds of roof restoration jobs for homeowners and business owners. We use only premium quality materials to ensure a high standard of workmanship and ensure your old worn-out rooftop looks beautiful once more.

    What’s Included in a Roof Restoration?

    Step 1: Roof Inspection

    Every project we take on will be different due to the type of roofing material used as well as various other factors. This is why our roof restoration specialist in Geelong will start by conducting a thorough inspection of your rooftop at a prearranged date and time. We will present you with a detailed report and photographs to explain exactly what work needs to be done.

    Step 2: Replace Broken Tiles

    The first course of action our roof restoration contractor in Geelong will take is to remove and replace any broken tiles that may cause leakage issues when we carry out our high-pressure cleaning work later on. We’ll do our best to use the same type of tile that’s currently on your rooftop.

    Step 3: Repair Damaged Fixtures

    Our roof restoration contractor in Geelong will do any repair work required for your rooftop. This may include repairing broken flashings, timberwork, skylights, ridge capping and other fixtures.

    Step 4: High Pressure Cleaning

    Our roof restoration specialist will thoroughly clean your whole rooftop using high-pressure water blasters. It’s necessary to clean the roof to get rid of any dirt and moss that’s built-up as well as ensuring that any paint applied to the tiles will bond well.

    Why Choose Us?


    Every roof restoration contractor our Geelong based company hires is qualified and licensed. Our team has the experience needed to ensure that any roof restoration project worked on is completed as seamlessly as possible.

    Hard Working

    Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority, and we always make a point of going above and beyond to meet their expectations. Home Roof Treatment & Restoration is known for being the best roof restoration Geelong based company, offering a premium service and complete customer satisfaction.


    Every roof restoration specialist in Geelong we have on staff can provide a certificate of compliance that proves the work they carried out adheres to all relevant Australian safety standards and industry regulations. Our work also comes with a 10 year warranty for your pace of mind.

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