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    Gutter Cleaning in Geelong

    Gutters are installed onto rooftops to pick up any water or debris that comes down the roof and guide it towards a designated outlet. When debris or water build-up isn’t properly removed, it will be much harder for the water to be drained away, which can lead to issues such as roof leaks that can be expensive to repair.

    At Home Roof Treatment & Restoration, we can provide fast and efficient high pressure gutter cleaning professional services. As an experienced gutter cleaning company in Geelong, we can offer all kinds of clients the commercial or residential gutter cleaning service their gutters need.

    Our gutter cleaning professional services include manually removing debris from gutters, or for especially blocked gutters, our cleaners can use high pressure cleaning equipment to spray out any debris trapped inside. After we’ve cleaned the insides of your gutters, we will spray the external part of the gutters to remove any dirt before disposing of any debris we remove.

    Why Choose Us?


    Our gutter cleaners will come to your property fully equipped with all the cleaning equipment they need to do a good job. We use specially made gutter cleaning equipment that will ensure that any debris stuck in your gutters will be removed.

    Hard Working

    Not only do we provide the best gutter cleaning in Geelong, but we will also inspect your gutters with a safety check prior to commencing our work to see if there’s anything else we need to attend to. We will stay for as long as necessary to complete our work.


    Home Roof Treatment & Restoration is renowned for providing the best business and home gutter cleaning service Geelong wide. Our cleaners are fully trained to quickly and safely get rid of any debris and other contaminants in gutters. Our work is also completely insured.

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